Acknowledgements & Supporters

This project is made possible by financial contributions from the following people:

Chris Broadbent Allan Rhodes Sonia Villeneuve
Rob Drown Gerald Yungling Andy Uhrig
Ben Kiel Mark Largent Chris Morgan
Jeff Albrechtson Jeremy Koonce Lydia Duke Pinkston
Paul Schurch Cindi Cassis Branham Jerianne Feiten
Douglas J. McClure Madhav Mehra
Alf Sharp P. Sanow wwtom
jim & susan forte Nick S Andy Klein
Daniel Valdez BNorris
Kerry Leko Matt Gradwohl Greg & Robin Cox
Matthew Cremona Jonathan P. Szczepanski Chris Schwarz
Simon St.Laurent Jared and Jennifer Simms Paul Sutcliffe
David F. Rick Lucier Matthew Sanfilippo
Joe Suzanne Ellison Gerald K Millheim
Kevin Wilkinson Dan Haggerty Dave Duey
Jose Suarez D Nybough Darwin
Steven Gaffin Allison Dillon-Jauken Curtis H. Pruden
Scott and Alice Campbell Col Roberts MTT
Susan Knecht David Wendling Greg Znajda
Dianne Boylston Lewis Boylston David Tabb
Mike Layfield David Marshall Ray Schwanenberger
Mateo Hao Greg Myers Michael Fortune
Rusty Burwell
Kelseys Lowell Ebersole Dr. Timothy J. White
Pat and Ken Arrington K Wilson
Sean & Amanda Briggs

Material support provided by Woodcraft of Franklin, TN.

It would not have happened were it not for:

  • Marc Adams for giving me this opportunity,
  • Michael Fortune for guidance with the fellowship program,
  • Paul Schürch for guidance, assistance, and encouragement,
  • Donna Hill and Karen Wilson for their friendship and counsel,
  • Ellen South for contact assistance,
  • Arlen Heginbotham for identification of the veneers on the original table,
  • Brian Considine for granting me access to the original,
  • Neil Lamens who connected me with,
  • Ronaldo Messina for invaluable engineering and literary assistance,

and especially

  • my family, and Mayra Martinez, for their continued support and encouragement.

Thank you all greatly!

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  1. It’s nice to see your progress on the top. Keep up the good work! Tom Heiting

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