A request for my Kickstarter backers…

Four sets of pieces that will compose the marquetry panels

Excuse me for a moment while I speak to my Kickstarter backers…

A long time ago, you helped me start this project by funding its materials. The reward for one of these support levels was a framed marquetry panel. Since last December, I’ve focused my efforts on producing the marquetry panels for your reward. I’m getting close to sending this to you, but I need to ask a favor. Please verify your mailing address with Kickstarter. This is the address to which I’ll ship. If it’s incorrect it’ll result in further delays, and you’ve already waited long enough.

With these out the door, I plan to concentrate on creating the final version of the table. Keep watching this site for further details. Thank you again for your consideration, patience, and support of this project.

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