2016 Classes at Marc Adams School of Woodworking

This coming year I am scheduled to teach two classes at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking (MASW):

Details of each are given in the description links above.

If you haven’t yet attended, you’re in for an intense experience! There are many reasons to consider MASW:

  • there’s a full-time professional staff of knowledgable, experienced woodworkers (each of which are instructors themselves!),
  • two fully equipped, well-maintained machine rooms with almost every power tool imaginable,
  • three spacious bench rooms with Lie-Nielsen workbenches,
  • snacks and beverages available at no extra charge,
  • prepared lunches so you can focus on learning, and
  • one of the largest collection of clamps (of all types and sizes) that you’ve ever seen!

Marc and his staff pay attention to the details. One example; two HD cameras project the action to large screens during bench demonstrations. This provides students with up-close perspective without crowding around the instructor. Students can comfortably take notes, assured they’ll catch every nuance from the comfort of their seats.

Public Registration begins on December 1, 2015.

Mechanisms have arrived!

Lower rack , guide, and drive mechanism dry fit

Lower rack , guide, and drive mechanism dry fit

The rack and drive hardware necessary to make the table operate have arrived!

They came in the post a week ago Friday. I couldn’t write about it any quicker as I’ve been moving into my new (temporary) studio, and engaged in a client project. These are the work of Jon Spencer, the talented machinist responsible for translating my drawings into functional brass and steel. He also created the main box latch.

Detail of a drive barrel mechanism

Detail of a drive barrel mechanism

I am anxious to get back to work on this piece. My plan is to complete the current commission on which I’m working, then the one behind it. (Fortunately, several furniture commissions occupied me while waiting for these mechanism pieces.) With both of these addressed, I look forward to starting back on the marquetry prototype for the top, and beginning installation of the mechanisms into the prototype (not necessarily in that order!).